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mmm…Book Check!

October 17, 2011

Monday Morning Mid-Month Book Check is a way for us to share what we are reading at the moment, no matter how brilliant, menial, or embarrassing.


Image from What with the high demands of information school, I haven’t had much time lately to read anything of my own choosing.  I set out this weekend with that singular goal: read something I already own, have not read, and will not be citing for any schoolwork.  I’ve reached five pages of that goal, but the book itself is looking promising.  I’ve had War of Words by Simon Read sitting on my shelf for months, just waiting for a chance to be savored.  With a subtitle like A True Tale of Newsprint and Murder, and the riveting combination of the Old West, pistol duels, and newspaper editors trying to make a buck and tell the truth, I am sold.  The prologue (the extent of my reading so far) depicts a man, James King of William, making a living in the mean world of San Francisco newspapers in the 1850s.  The foreshadowing does not look good for Mr. King.  This seems like a guilty pleasure I won’t have to be ashamed of, and corrects the distinct lack of exciting non-fiction in my life of late (no offense Derrida).


I’m just starting Changes by Mercedes Lackey. The novel is the third book of The Collegium Chronicles, which follows the establishment of the Heralds’ Collegium, part of Lackey’s extensively developed world of Valdemar. What I have read so far has been thoroughly enjoyable, as were the first two books, and has focused largely on an exhibition game of kirball. Kirball is kind of like a combination of Quidditch and capture-the-flag, but with horses, foot-soldiers, Heralds, and Companions. I promise it all makes sense if you’re familiar with the world, or even if you start with the first book of the series. My take: two thumbs up, and I hope I’ll have enough time in the next three weeks to finish it before it’s due at the library.


Image courtesy of

I’m finishing up the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed these books (especially the last three, considering I’ve read all of them in last than 2 weeks), especially Percy’s development as an annoying pre-teen to his more mature (if a little cocky) 16-year-old.  The pacing of the books is great, mixing action, adventure, a hint of romance, and realistic life lessons. I’m almost 2/3rds through the last one and I wish I could be reading it instead of reading about how video games can change education (hint: they really can’t, at least not with the education system we have now). On my graphic novels front, I’ve taken a break from Sandman (mostly because the 4th volume wasn’t available at the Library) and have gotten back into Locke and Key, a thoroughly terrifying horror/thriller story. The story is heavily helped out by the incredible artwork, which is highly detailed and beautifully colored. The story itself is intriguing and complicated, if a little risque at times. A truly great graphic novel.

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