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Things We Like

July 2, 2011

Things We Like is a roundup of links to stuff on the web that, well, we like and found interesting! Consider it a book check, but for the internet.


I have quite the soft spot for old things, and at one point my literature of choice was almost exclusively from the 19th century.  When I learned about NINES, an academic portal linking to dozens of websites relating to nineteenth-century academia, I had to spend a great deal of time exploring.

Transcribe Bentham has been hard at work for quite a while now, but there is still plenty of work for the crowd to do to make the eccentric philosopher’s works all available online.  Plus, it’s great practice reading old handwriting!


I’ve been spending a lot of time lately on Pinterest. Pinterest is a way of saving and organizing things visually and is mostly an aggregation of web content. I’ve been using Pinterest partly as a way of saving things for later and partly as a discovery tool. You can also follow others’ boards and like, comment, or re-pin to your own boards.  It is invitation only, but if you request an invitation it usually shows up within a day or two. You can check out my boards here.

I also found a really interesting recent blog post on Will Manley’s blog titled “What would you do to improve MLS programs?”. There’s already a ton of comments, and they’re intriguing.


I’m a bit of a geek, particularly about superhero movies (this summer is awesome for that).  My go-to for geek movie news, comic books, and other things (Dr Who soap, anyone?) is Big Shiny Robot, a team of Utahns who work in different fields (films, television, journalism, and comics) and offer their opinions on everything.  In addition, they feature my favorite movie review team of Jeff Vice (who normally writes for MSN’s Parallel Universe) and Jimmy Martin (who reviews movies for Utah’s SLUG magazine). They sit over a couple of beers and discuss the “finer points” of movies.

Another favorite on my Google Reader is How to Be a Retronaut. A sort of visual time capsule machine, which posts pictures and videos of interesting topics (it’s hard to explain because they vary so much). For example, this post, which has images of every single first lady in United States History. Or, this post, which features the first (1959!) commercial for Barbie. It’s fascinating to see what they will come up with next and, if you have the desire or the content, they take submissions.


This article about ebook usage shows that undergraduates prefer print for their academic work because it reduces distractions. My experience of reading in print versus online has been similar.

An interesting concept – publishing cover letters for library and archives jobs that result in interviews with the identifying info removed, of course.

So incredibly beautiful, both the art and the story it tells.

A candle that smells like the New York Times. No kidding.

Opening the doors to unconventional (and, dare I say, more interesting) musical interpretation through crowd sourcing? I’m so excited about the ideas that this article brings up!

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